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BOTOX Treatment

Botox and Juvederm Treatment
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What is BOTOX®?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) and around the side of the eyes (crow’s feet lines) in adults. It causes the muscles to relax and reduces the appearance of the natural lines in your face that develop over time. These treatments can instantly smooth away wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and nose.

Benefits of BOTOX®

BOTOX® offers many aesthetic and health benefits: 

  • Improvements in facial appearance. BOTOX® reduces wrinkles and lines in the forehead and around the eyes, helping the face look smoother and younger. 
  • Migraine relief. Botox® can also help with migraine pain. Botox® is also FDA-approved to treat chronic migraines in adults age 18 or over. When injected, it enters pain fibers that are involved in headaches, blocking the release of chemicals, and thus preventing the activation of pain networks in the brain. Botox® for treatment of migraines is most effective if you get headaches on 15 or more days a month. 
  • Treatment of TMJ disorder. This treatment can also alleviate pain and symptoms of TMJ disorder, a condition affecting the temporomandibular joint where the lower jaw attaches to the skull. It is characterized by pain and limited range of motion in the jaw.

Are You a Good Candidate for BOTOX®?

Time, age, sun damage, and other factors can cause lines and wrinkles to develop in the face. Deep lines between your eyebrows, sometimes called elevens, but technically called glabellar lines, can develop over time due to stress and declining eyesight. Fine lines and wrinkles develop underneath and at the corners of your eyes, often called crows feet. Many patients want solutions for these natural signs of aging. 

If you have started to notice lines and wrinkles, whether they are just beginning to develop or they are worsening, you may be a good candidate for BOTOX®. Your dentist, along with your primary care physician, can determine whether or not BOTOX® is a safe option for you.

Why Choose Lane Family Dental?

Not all dental offices provide cosmetic treatments like BOTOX®, but Lane Family Dentistry does for the benefit of our patients. We understand that your appearance is important to you, and simply improving your smile may not be enough to give you the confidence you need. We also offer BOTOX® to treat pain from migraines and TMJ disorder, to improve your dental health and quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BOTOX® safe?
BOTOX® is a toxin produced by bacteria, the same bacteria that causes botulism, a severe form of food poisoning. Because of this many patients question the safety of this treatment. The key difference is that when the bacteria is ingested it can make you sick, but when it is injected into your skin, it does no harm. It is FDA approved for a variety of uses.
How does BOTOX® relieve migraine pain?
Doctors aren’t exactly sure how BOTOX® relieves migraines. But the theory is that it blocks the chemicals that transmit pain signals from your brain before they reach the nerves in your head and facial muscles.
Can BOTOX® make you look younger?
By reducing the lines and wrinkles in your face and smoothing the muscles and skin around your forehead and eyes, BOTOX® can make your face appear more youthful. The signs of aging can be reduced but not reversed without more extensive treatments.
How does BOTOX® treat TMJ disorder?
TMJ disorder is often caused by muscle tightness in the jaw and face. BOTOX® can relax the muscles in your jaw in the same manner, restoring range of motion in the jaw and decreasing swelling and inflammation.
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